J.S. & R.S.
from CA

Parents of a 10-year old adoptee

“Neurofeedback has had a great impact on our child. [It] has had a very calming effect. She is better at staying on task and her emotional ups and downs are less frequent. Lori has provided a customized plan for our daughter based on her specific needs, not a ‘one size fits all’ protocol. It feels good knowing our daughter is in such capable hands for such sensitive, life altering treatments.”

from CA

Mother of a 5-year old adoptee from overseas

“I feel that neurofeedback had a calming effect on our daughter, and she wasn’t as impulsive. That, in turn, had a calming effect on our family!”

Virginia Keeler-Wolf, MFT
Oakland, CA

Family Adoption and Attachment Center of the East Bay

“I have seen neurofeedback administered by Lori DiRicco as enormously supportive of my therapeutic work with children. Neurofeedback particularly benefits in helping with emotional regulation, sleep regulation and reduction of anxiety and frustration. Children with neurofeedback training are more productive and happier in school and at home.”

Spokane, WA

“I’m in the early stages of Lori’s Neurofeedback training, but I’m already noticing far fewer instances of my aggressive driving behavior. I attribute this to enhanced self-regulation and relaxation skills developed with Lori’s guidance. You really know the program is working when you witness your own transformation from ‘highly agitated, hyperactive’ to ‘drowsy’ within minutes... Drug free!”

Spokane, WA

“My sessions yielded more beneficial results than my previous years of therapy via psychiatry, psychology, and the whole range of pharmaceuticals from SSRIs to benzos. Lori proved to be most professional and compassionate.”

Spokane, WA

“I learned a deeper understanding of the relationship between our mind and physical reality. Many things influence both - exercise, breathing, nutrition, rest – and by becoming more aware I can expect a more positive outcome and greater happiness and lower stress.”