Are you or someone close to you...

Feeling fatigued, sad, or overwhelmed with your current life situation?

Experiencing trouble with attention, focus, and memory?

Having disrupted sleep due to worry or racing thoughts at night time?

Experiencing mood changes, having trouble letting go of rage, irritation, or frustration?

Lacking social support or having relationship problems with family, friends, or co-workers?

Currently struggling with past traumatic events?

There is Hope

Treatment with tailored approaches are available now to help individuals experience relief from anxiety, depression, sleep disruption and other mental health concerns.

Mind Over Matter Mental Health professionals can help guide you or someone close to the journey to being your best self. 

Mission Statement

“To provide holistic, individualized psychiatric care that reflects current evidence and practice based community standards. In their journey to become their best self, clients will be guided with positivity, and offered ongoing educational and community based resources essential in developing coping and skill building tools, with flexible options to empower their own abilities for healing and growth.”

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